Once Upon a Time and Place ...

                              POETRY IS BORING  

"Poetry is Boring

It is Oh So Boring

And I really don't need any boring poetry today..."

"Don't leave the seat up ... Don't be a boy!"

"This is the room

where I stop being me"

"Don't Diss me, Miss - I still exist."

"At my old school, I was taller"

"I  have to feed my monster..."

Words are Power... and kids love the sound, feel, rythm and punch of these verses, classroom and home favourites - at last collected together in one book for the first time.

Funny, sparkling and full of life, the poems deal with the realities of childhood - planning to skip homework, surviving lessons, handling parents, teachers, bullies and spots.

But don't take my word for it:

“Set the pulse racing.” - Thomas Wilkening (aged 11)

“It sends a perplexing shiver down your spine.” - Emily Young (aged 10) St Lawrence College Junior School

“One of the best poems I've ever heard in my life” - Alan Gurang (aged 11),

“It felt that a child was speaking to me.” - Chloë Binfield (aged 10)

"Brilliant - Really funny." - Joe Vint (aged 10)

“I love your poems.” - Daniel Tobin (aged 10)

“I really like the poetry. I would advise it to other people my age group and older, in other words to everyone.” - Michael Claydon (aged 12) Chatham House Grammar school, Kent

“Heart pounding ” - Emily-Ann Fort (aged 10)

“The children had already been introduced to Michael Rosen (amongst other poets) and related to your poems in much the same way. They really enjoyed the humour and they particularly enjoyed the rythm.”    - Sue (Teacher), Pine Ridge School, Surrey

“Thank you for the great poems and it was nice to see my kids sitting down and reading for a change.” - Hazel (a Mum)

Price £6.99     ISBN  978-0-9558247-4-6  

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